Best Places To Visit in Victoria, Melbourne

These are the must visit places in Victoria, Melbourne. You must read this post before visiting Victoria!

2021-04-10 1 Min read

If you’re a sucker for an adventure like me, then you’ll know how fun it is to explore a new city. Victoria, in Melbourne is one of Australia’s busiest and most lively cities to live in. It has thousands of different bars, clubs and tourist attractions that you could spend hours on end exploring the city. Some of  my favorite places to visit in Victoria, would have to be the parks, they’re clean, lively and extremely well maintained. Occasionally, you’ll run into ducks swimming in the ponds, or kids playing in the parks.

Here are 3 of my favorite places to visit in Victoria:

Top 3 Places To Visit

Great Otway National Park

A beautiful, vibrant lush park filled with waterfalls make it the perfect trip to visit for anyone that wants to explore nature as well as go on a hike. It is located along the Great Ocean Road which is known as one of the most famous attractions in Australia. The land is filled with rugged coastlines, sandy beaches and is filled with plenty of camping spots. Spend a day or two here and enjoy the beach, lake, river or forest. The park is approximately 1,032 km squared.

12 Apostles

Another famous destination along the Great Ocean Road is the 12 Apostles. Unfortunately there is only 8 of these apostles left, as the others have been withered away by mother nature. If you have the opportunity to see these apostles, then I would highly recommend visiting as these massive limestone structures tower over 45 metres above the Southern Ocean. There are several viewing platforms located around the apostles that you can take pictures/selfies from, which make these an excellent Instagram photo shoot.

Pink Salt Lakes

Another Instagram worthy tourist attraction is the Pink Salt Lakes, as the name suggests. You will find lakes filled with pink salt water. The pink colour stems from the algae living in the water, which when exposed to sunlight produces a red pigment. The lake is also perfectly safe to swim in, so bring the family along and have a blast here.