Best Bars in Victoria, Melbourne

Looking for a new beer spot in Melbourne? We've got you covered, here are some of our favourite bars!

2021-04-10 2 Min read

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With hundreds of different bar spots in Victoria, there is no shortage of good beer spots. Home to some of the best bar places to visit in Victoria. Victoria has plenty of bar options to choose from, and you can find a pub or bar in almost every suburb. These are some of our favorite bars in Victoria.

Bar Romantica, Brunswick East

Our top bar pick in Victoria would have to be Bar Romantica located in Brunswick East, this one of Melbourne’s most authentic bars with a 24 hour pizza/dive bar, excellent table service and colour fluorescent lights that light up the atmosphere.

The bar is a mix of a wine bar and a restaurant, so if you’re hungry for some Italian food, then it’s a two for one. The pizza is cooked fresh in Wooden Furnaces and you can smell the deliciously cooked pizza from a mile away. From time to time, the bar offers special discounts on beer, and all the items on the menu are very affordable.

Bimbo, Fitzroy

If you’re looking for cheap $5 pizzas and infused vodkas, then this is the bar for you. Have a great night out by chilling in one of the many booths and get some crazy cheap finger food.

Madame Brussels, CBD

Located in the center of Melbourne, this adorable bar sites on the on the outdoor rooftop of the CBD. It is in the center of the CBD, thus getting here isn’t a problem as there are all kinds of transport options available. This includes using the free City circle tram that will pass by this bar. The location, is one of the greatest highlights of this bar, as it attracts all kinds of different peoples from Melbourne. Get deliciously cooked chicken sandwiches, beers and finger food served by the friendly waitresses. The food is very affordable, and won’t set you back too much!

Bar Liberty, Fitzroy

If you’re looking for a more premium bar with delicious wine, and all kinds of yummy seafood such as scallops then this is the bar for you. Located in Fitzroy, it is a short trip from the CBD, and is one of the more unique bars located in Fitzroy. If you ever come here, then we highly recommend trying out the Custom Orange wine!