Best Bar Finger Food

Here are some of our favourite finger foods to eat in a bar, have you had all these before?

2021-04-10 2 Min read

Bar with Drinks

Before chugging down a few bottles of beer and spirits, why not relax and feed your stomach with some finger food? When visiting a bar, we always eat food in between our drinks, in fact, we rarely go to bar just to drink beer. We almost always factor in what kinds of food the bar serve, most bars serve the basic finger food pizza, and deep fried foods like chips. We enjoy eating these but surely there are better options out there right?

Top Finger Foods To Try

Hot Wings

Nothing beats spicy chicken wings with a good old fashioned beer. I absolutely love eating wings and the sauce that comes with it always has to be barbecue as that’s clearly the best sauce! I love my wings spicy and full of flavour, and will almost always add some kind of spice to it, some of my favourite spices include Frank’s Red Hot sauce, and Tobasco.

Pigs In A Blanket

These are a classic cocktail hour snack, it is a weenies wrapped in a warm blanket of dough. This is commonly eaten with a  serving of spicy mustard. The skin is golden brown and is full of flavour.


Shrimps are another excellent finger food to chew on whilst drinking. They are relatively easy to peel but will get your hands dirty, so they’re not something anyone will eat. It is one of best summer snack, and it can be eaten without seasoning. Super simple to make at home as well!

Deviled Eggs

Another spicy food that I love eating are deviled eggs, these are the perfect beer snack as they are incredibly versatile. They can be served with a variety of different ingredients from paprika, vinegar, nuts and even shrimp!


Sliders are easy to eat burgers, they come in small portions and can be finished in one big bite. The meat should be well cooked, with crispy buns that act as a glue between the two ingredients. I love eating my sliders with a  little bit of green and onions, overall a well cooked slider cannot be beaten on our list.


The absolutely best finger food to munch on are nachos. These can be made in so many different ways that you are guaranteed to try something new at a different bar. The main ingredients are the tortilla chips, they should be well seasoned accompanied by a generous amount of sauces and meat.